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Laura Cohen (alumnus)

Postdoctoral fellow
  • Mobile: +33603058939

  • Publications


    • Laura Cohen and Billard, A. (2018) Social Babbling: the Emergence of Symbolic Gestures and Words. Elsevier Neural Networks. [home page]
    • Laura Cohen, Khoramshahi, M., Salesse, R., et al., Schmidt, R.C, Bardy, B.G, Raffard, S and Billard, A. (2018) Influence of Facial Feedback During a Cooperative Human-Robot Task in Schizophrenia. Accepted in Nature - Scientific Reports. [home page] [show abstract] [pdf]
    • Raffard, S, Bortolon, C. and Laura Cohen (2017) Does this robot have a mind? Schizophrenia patientsí mind perception toward humanoid robots. Schizophrenia Research.
    • Piotr Słowiński, Francesco Alderisio, Chao Zhai, Yuan Shen,, Catherine Bortolon, Laura Cohen, Khoramshahi, M. and Billard, A. (2017) Unravelling socio-motor biomarkers in schizophrenia. In npj Schizophrenia, other Authors: Peter Tino, Delphine Capdevielle, Robin Salesse, Mathieu Gueugnon, Ludovic Marin, Benoit Bardy, Mario di Bernardo, Stephane Raffa. Published online. [home page]

    • Conference Proceedings

    • Laura Cohen and Billard, A. (2016) Influence of Saliency and Social Impairments on the Development of Intention Recognition. In Proceedings of 25th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN).

    • Abstracts

    • Laura Cohen, Khoramshahi, M., et al., Marin, L, Schmidt, R.C, Bardy, B.G, Billard, A. and Raffard, S (2017) Effects of Facial Emotions on Social-motor Coordination in Schizophrenia. Accepted for 7th Joint Action Meeting (JAM 2017). [Joint Action Meeting (JAM)] [home page] [show abstract] [pdf]

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