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Marcos Visiting Student
Edouard Lagrue Visiting Student
Albert Climent Bigas Visiting Student
AJung Moon Visiting Student
Ali Yawar Visiting Student
Brahayam David Ponton Junes Visiting Student
Yue Zhou Visiting Student
Kevin Gonyop Kim Visiting Student
Ashwin Khadke Visiting Student
Jordi Bautista Ballester Visiting Student
Nili Eliana Krausz Visiting Student
Saurav Aryan Visiting Student
Wissam Bejjani Visiting Student
Martin Battaglia Visiting Student
Neda Taymourtash Visiting Student
Elizabeth Worley Cha Visiting Student
Bidan Huang Visiting Student
Visiting Student
Sergey Voronov Visiting Student
Sylvain Calinon Visiting researcher
Seyed Mohammad Khansari-Zadeh Visiting researcher
Eric Sauser Visiting researcher
Brenna Argall Visiting researcher
Biljana Petreska Visiting researcher
Karim Benmachiche Research Assistant
Martin Duvanel Research Assistant
Andre Maurer Research Assistant
Lorenzo Piccardi Research Assistant
Marino Alge Research Assistant
Davis Daidie Research Assistant
Klas Kronander Postdoctoral fellow
Felix Duvallet Postdoctoral fellow
Basilio Noris Postdoctoral fellow
Seungsu Kim Postdoctoral fellow
Mustafa Suphi Erden Postdoctoral fellow
Weifeng Li Postdoctoral fellow
Sahar El Khoury Postdoctoral fellow
Laura Cohen Postdoctoral fellow
Daniel Grollman Postdoctoral fellow
Jose Ramon Medina Hernandez Postdoctoral fellow
Agnes Just Postdoctoral fellow
Miao Li Postdoctoral fellow
Ashwini Shukla Postdoctoral fellow
Aris Alissandrakis Postdoc
Silvia Magrelli PhD Student
Nicolas Sommer PhD Student
Ajay Kumar Tanwani PhD Student
Micha Hersch PhD Student
Florent Guenter PhD Student
Ioana Marian PhD Student
Denys Lamotte PhD Student
Luka Lukic PhD Student
Florent Dhalluin PhD Student
Murali Krishna Karnam PhD Student
Joel Rey PhD Student
David Koch PhD Student
Guillaume de Chambrier PhD Student
Dario Poggiali PhD Student
Ravin Luis De Souza PhD Student
Elena Gribovskaya PhD Student
Joao Pedro Isaias Abrantes PhD Student
Brice Platerrier PhD Student
Guignard Mechanical Engineer
Olivier Barbey Electronic Engineer

Last update: 25/08/06