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This paper proposes a capture-point based reactive omnidirectional controller for bipedal locomotion. The proposed scheme, formulated within Model Predictive Control (MPC) framework, exploits concurrently the Center of Mass (CoM) and Capture Point (CP) dynamics. It allows the on-line generation of the CoM reference trajectory and the automatic generation of footstep positions and orientations in response to a given velocity to be tracked, or a disturbance to be rejected by the robot while accounting explicitly for different walking constraints. For instance, in order to cope with disturbance such as a push, the proposed controller not only adjusts the position of the Center of Pressure (CoP) within the support foot, but can also induce at least one step with appropriate length allowing thus to maintain the stability of the robot. Finally, the proposed algorithm is validated through simulations and actual experiments on the humanoid robot iCub.

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