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author = {Huber, L. and Billard, A. and Slotine, J.-J.},
title = {Avoidance of Convex and Concave Obstacles with Convergence ensured through Contraction},
howpublished = {IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters},
year = {2019},
abstract = {This paper presents a closed-form approach to obstacle avoidance for multiple moving convex and star-shaped concave obstacles. The method
takes inspiration in harmonic-potential fields. It inherits the convergence properties of harmonic potentials. We prove impenetrability of the obstacle’s hull and asymptotic stability at a final goal location, using contraction theory.
We validate the approach in a simulated co-worker industrial environment, with one KUKA arm engaged in a pick and place grocery task, avoiding in real-time humans moving in its vicinity and in simulation to drive wheel-chair robot in the presence of moving obstacles.},

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