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author = {Piccardi, L. and Noris, B. and Barbey, O. and Billard, A. and Keller, F. and et al.},
title = {WearCam: A head mounted wireless camera for monitoring gaze attention and for the diagnosis of developmental disorders in young children},
howpublished = {In Proceedings of the 16th IEEE International Simposium on Robot & Human Interactive Communication},
year = {2007},
abstract = {Autism covers a large spectrum of disorders that affect the individualís way of interacting socially and is often revealed by the individualís lack of interest in gazing at human faces. Currently Autism is diagnosed in children no younger than 2 years old. This paper presents a new monitoring device, the WearCam, to help forming a diagnosis of this neurodevelopmental disorder at an earlier age than currently possible. The WearCam consists of a wireless camera located on the forefront of the child. The WearCam collects videos from the viewpoint of the childís head. Color detection, face detection and gaze detection are run on the data in order to locate the approximate gaze direction of the child and determine where her attention is drawn to (persons, objects, etc.). We report on early tests of the camera within normally developing children. Firstly the technical characteristics of the current prototype of the WearCam will be described. Afterwards the type of data collected with this device with young children will be shown.},

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