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author = {Asadpour, M. and Sproewitz, A. and Billard, A. and Dillenbourg, P. and Ijspeert, A.J.},
title = {New},
howpublished = {International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nice, September 22-26, 2008.},
year = {2008},
abstract = {This project incorporates modular robots as building blocks for furniture that moves and self-reconfigures. The reconfiguration is done using dynamic connection / disconnection of modules and rotations of the degrees of freedom. This paper introduces a new approach to self-reconfiguration planning for modular robots based on the graph signature and the graph edit-distance. The method has been tested in simulation on two type of modules: YaMoR and M-TRAN. The simulation results shows interesting features of the approach, namely rapidly finding a near-optimal solution},

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