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author = {Khansari-Zadeh, S. M. and Billard, Aude},
title = {Learning {S}table {N}on-{L}inear {D}ynamical {S}ystems with {G}aussian
{M}ixture {M}odels},
journal = {{IEEE} {T}ransaction on {R}obotics},
year = {2011},
abstract = {This paper presents a method for learning discrete robot motions from
a set of demonstrations. We model a motion as a nonlinear autonomous
(i.e. time-invariant) Dynamical System (DS), and define sufficient
conditions to ensure global asymptotic stability at the target. We
propose a learning method, called Stable Estimator of Dynamical Systems
(SEDS), to learn the parameters of the DS to ensure that all motions
follow closely the demonstrations while ultimately reaching in and
stopping at the target. Time-invariance and global asymptotic stability
at the target ensures that the system can respond immediately and
appropriately to perturbations encountered during the motion. The
method is evaluated through a set of robot experiments and on a library
of human handwriting motions.},
affiliation = {EPFL},
details = {http://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/166322},
documenturl = {http://infoscience.epfl.ch/record/166322/files/Khansari_Billard_SEDS_TRO.mp4},
keywords = {Dynamical systems; Stability analysis; Point-to-point motions; Statistical
learning; Programming by demonstration},
oai-id = {oai:infoscience.epfl.ch:166322},
oai-set = {article; fulltext-public; fulltext},
review = {REVIEWED},
status = {ACCEPTED},
submitter = {183746},
unit = {LASA},
url = {http://lasa.epfl.ch/khansari}

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