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author = {Kronander, K. and Billard, A.},
title = {New},
howpublished = {In Proceedings of},
year = {2012},
abstract = {Programming by Demonstration offers an intu-
itive framework for teaching robots how to perform various
tasks without having to preprogram them. It also offers an
intuitive way to provide corrections and refine teaching during
task execution. Previously, mostly position constraints have been
taken into account when teaching tasks from demonstrations.
In this work, we tackle the problem of teaching tasks that
require or can benefit from varying stiffness. This extension is
not trivial, as the teacher needs to have a way of communicating
to the robot what stiffness it should use. We propose a method
by which the teacher can modulate the stiffness of the robot
in any direction through physical interaction. The system is
incremental and works online, so that the teacher can instantly
feel how the robot learns from the interaction. We validate
the proposed approach on two experiments on a 7-Dof Barrett
WAM arm.

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