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author = {Pais, L. and Billard, A.},
title = {Tactile interface user-friendliness evaluated in the context of robot programming by demonstration},
howpublished = {HRI Workshop on Advances in tactile sensing and touch based human-robot interaction},
year = {2012},
abstract = {In this paper we describe preliminary results on the impact of providing different types of robot feedback on the effectiveness of teaching by demonstration, as well as on user satisfaction. Participants had to teach a humanoid robot various ways of holding a can, via tactile feedback, by providing several rounds of demonstration. Our goal was to determine
the best way of providing feedback in relation to robot's tactile sensing in order to improve the teaching by demonstration interaction. We aimed to: (1) reduce the teaching time, (2) reduce the rounds of demonstration required and (3) improve the metrics used for learning. Usability was tested, using task performance measurements and post-experiment questionnaires. The study revealed a strong effect of the feedback given by the robot on the subjective usability ratings and task performance. These results lead to a better understanding of how to develop better means of interaction as well as improve efficiency when using tactile sensing.},

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