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author = {Pais, A. L. and Billard, A. and Robins, B and Dautenhahn, K.},
title = {Improving human-robot interaction through facial expressions of emotion and touch detection},
howpublished = {Poster presented at the International Conference on Cognitive Systems, Vienna, Austria},
year = {2012},
abstract = {We explore different ways in which expression of emotion can be used, in conjunction with detection of touch, in a robot to guide the human user. Two experiments are considered to illustrate this concept. In the first experiment a robot is taught via tactile feedback to refine its manipulation capabilities. Display of facial expression provides feedback to the user on the adequacy of his/her teaching as measured by the robot. The second experiment is focused on teaching the users (children with autism). Here the robot's audio and facial expressions provide feedback to the user on the adequacy of his/her tactile interaction as well as helping the user learn about basic emotional states.},

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