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author = {Khansari-Zadeh, S.M. and Billard, A.},
title = {Realtime Avoidance of Fast Moving Objects: A Dynamical System-based Approach},
howpublished = {Electronic proc. of the Workshop on Robot Motion Planning: Online, Reactive, and in Real-Time},
year = {2012},
abstract = {In this paper, we provide an extension to our previous approach (Khansari & Billard (2012), Autonomous Robots) to perform obstacle avoidance in the presence of multiple fast moving and rotating obstacles. Our approach leverage on the notion of DS to generate robot motions that are inherently robust to perturbations and can instantly adapt to changes in the target and obstacles' positions in a dynamically moving environments. We validate our method in the challenging experiment of dodging a fast moving and rotating box on the 7-degrees of freedom (DoF) KUKA DLR arm.},

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