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author = {Figueiredo, R. and Shukla, A. and Aragao, D. and Moreno, P. and Bernardino, A. and Santos-Victor, J. and Billard, A.},
title = {Reaching and grasping kitchenware objects},
howpublished = {In Proceedings of International Symposium on System Integration (SII)},
year = {2012},
abstract = {We integrate software components that allow ef-
ficient and successful grasping of kitchenware objects. The
contributed components include: The object pose detector, the
gripper reaching motion and the grasp hypothesis selection. The
object pose detector of Drost et. al. [10] is improved, considering
rotationally symmetric objects. The reaching motion execution
combines two independent dynamical systems: The approach
direction system and its tangent space [21]. The coupling
provides a robust reaching component that copes with several
gripper configurations. The grasp hypothesis selection filters
the object poses by considering the table orientation.

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