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Photos & Videos


Photos by Alain Herzog (Copyright Alain Herzog)

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Photos by Fermarillo Photos (Copyright Fermarillo Photos)

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r13 r14 r15 RobotaImit-small RobotaSylvain-small


Imitation Game

Imitation of the user's gestures (AVI, 5.8MB)



Language Acquisition

Language Acquisition using Potentiometers (AVI, 16.5MB)

Language Acquisition using Vision (AVI, 15.4MB)

Robota Arm

 Demo of the new prototype of arm (DivX, 3.0Mb)

Robota Eyes

  Demo of the new prototype of eyes (DivX, 1.2Mb)

Robota Neck

 Demo of the new prototype of neck (DivX, 2.4Mb)

Robota 2

 Demo of new Robota 2, camera eyes and 2DOF neck, shoulders (DivX, 5.2Mb)

Last update: 09/06/2009