Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
ArticulatedTreeThis class defines a tree of rigid transformation able to represent a body schema
BodySchemaClass containing all the arm information so that it can be used by the Reaching class This is a virtual class, instanciated by KChainBodySchema
EmbodiedArticulatedTreeAn articulated tree with rendring function for openGL display
KChainBodySchemaThis class is a wrapper for KinematicChain, so that it becomes a BodySchema
KChainOrientationBodySchemaThis class is a wrapper for KinematicChain, so that it becomes a BodySchema
KinematicChainThis class contains a chain of rigid transformations and ways of adapting it, as well as forward and inverse kinematic functions
KinematicTreeThis class contains and ArticulatedTree and the KinematicChains to adapt it
ReachingThis class implements the multi-referential VITE reaching algorithm for an arbitary number of degrees of freedom
ReachingThreadThread imlementing the reaching controller, to ensure that timing are more or less respected
RigidTransfoThis class represents a rigid transformation using the Euler parametrization for rotation
RotationThis class represents a rotation using some kind of (non-standard) quaternion parametrization of rotation
TimerSimple timer class, works in milliseconds
TranslationStandard translation
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