Translation Class Reference

a standard translation. More...

#include <Translation.h>

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Public Member Functions

void SetRate (float e)
void ScaleRate (float f)
void SetTranslation (const CVector3_t t)
void GetTranslation (CVector3_t tr) const
void GetInverseTranslation (CVector3_t tr) const
float const * GetTranslation () const
void Transform (const CVector3_t in, CVector3_t out)
void InverseTransform (const CVector3_t in, CVector3_t out)
void Update (CVector3_t v, CVector3_t v_tr)
 updates the translation given an initial and transformed vector
void Add (CVector3_t dtrans)
void Invert ()
void Copy (const Translation &t)
void Scale (float f)

Protected Attributes

CVector3_t trans
 the translation vector
float eps_tr
 the learning rate
float base_eps_tr
 the "base" learning rate

Detailed Description

a standard translation.

Definition at line 27 of file Translation.h.

Member Function Documentation

void Translation::Update ( CVector3_t  v,
CVector3_t  v_tr 

updates the translation given an initial and transformed vector

v a 3d point
v_tr the transformed point after an unknown translation

Reimplemented in RigidTransfo.

Definition at line 29 of file Translation.cpp.

References eps_tr, and trans.

00029                                                      {
00030   CVector3_t y,v1;
00031   Transform(v,y);
00032   v_sub(v_tr,y,v1);
00033   v_scale(v1,eps_tr,v1);
00034   v_add(trans,v1,trans);
00035 }

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