Todo List

Global KinematicChain::UpdateTouch (float *angle, float k0, float k1)
test it

Global KinematicTree::LoadChainRec (pArticulatedTree_t from, pArticulatedTree_t to, KinematicChain *chain, pArticulatedTree_t exclude=NULL) const
optimize it to avoid looking many times in the same subtree

Global Rotation::InverseNormDerivative (CVector3_t v, CVector3_t out)
check that it is f = -2*(1-2*norm*norm)/alpha and not f=-1*(..

Global Rotation::MinimizeRotation (const CQuat_t q)

finish testing - check that it is not the max that comes out

to test

to test

Global Rotation::UpdateAxis (CVector3_t v, CVector3_t v_tr, float angle)
check compatiblity iwth the method in KinematicChain.cpp
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