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Student Projects propositions for 2014 Autumn

If you are interested in one of the below projects, Semester Projects or Master Projects, please contact the first person of reference indicated in each description either by telephone, or by email, or by visiting us directly to the LASA offices. If you are looking for a project for 2015 Spring, please click here.

Semester Projects


Human-Robot Collision Simulation and Experimental Validation

During this semester project, we propose an experimental robotics application of control an analysis for assessing the safety of mobile robots around human pedestrians. Objective: Developing an experimental setting for human-robot collision analysis. You will benefit from access to multiple mobile robots, learning to control them and implement different controllers (Velocity control, Impedance control) for gathering collision data. Moreover, you will learn how to use a motion capture system, and a set of sensors for assessing collision between a robot and a human mannequin in multiple scenarios. The student is expected to have good experience in C++ or python, solid knowledge of control, and good understanding of solid mechanics and deformation analysis would be a plus.

Project: Semester Project
Period: 01.02.2020 - 01.08.2020
Section(s): EL IN MA ME MT PH
Type: 20% theory, 30% software, 50% implementation
Knowledge(s): C++, Python/Matlab, Robotics, Mechanics
Subject(s): Human-Robot Interaction, Mechanics
Responsible(s): Diego F. Paez Granados, David Gonon
URL: Click here

Master Projects

no projects are available

Last update: 09/28/2014