Where and when: Friday, May 20, 13:30 - 18:00 in room A2


This 3 hours long tutorial will introduce students to techniques used to program robots through human demonstration. We will start with an overview of existing techniques for teaching robots. We will present different interfaces (haptic device, motion sensors, vision, speech, etc.) available to teach robots and discuss how they serve different purpose. The second part of the tutorial will then take a more lecture-format and present in depth a set of techniques to teach position and force-control tasks. Students will be able to practice these techniques through computer-based simulations. The tutorial will end with a look-out on open research questions in the field.

Instructions for participants

The tutorial has several Matlab exercises that will highlight some of the concepts presented in the tutorial. These exercises should be done on your own laptop. The code for the exercises is available in a Github repository. Follow the link below and clone the repository onto your computer. Make sure that you have a stand-alone license for Matlab, so that you can run in offline during the tutorial.


Thanks to all participants for helping making this a succesful event. As promised, we have made the slides from the presentations available for you. Follow the link below.